Honouring and Recognising Life Members

An RBMS Life Membership enables recognition of the significant service and/or sustained contribution of an RBMS member to the Society. This honour is made only when an appropriate candidate meets the criteria. This means that this may not be presented every year or at every major event.

An RBMS member awarded a Life Membership are likely to have played an important role in one or more of the following:

  • management of the committee, events, programs or partnerships for a
    duration longer than 4-6 years;
  • developing, enhancing and diversifying the member base;
  • developing potential strategic alliances with complementary organisations;
  • attracting, retaining and fostering positive relationships with partnerships and
    event sponsors;
  • optimising the financial position and administration of the society;
  • contributing to the quality and national reputation of the Society, ASM
    Conference and Awards Gala Dinner;
  • enabling opportunities for RBMS members to participate in professional
    development and relevant Communities of Practice (CoP);
  • held a membership for over 15 years; or
  • Other

A Life Member recognition entitles the recipient to full RBMS membership for life. The nominee and nominator will be contacted by the RBMS President if the nomination received has been accepted. The recognition award will be presented in person to the recipient at the ASM Conference and / or Awards Gala Dinner.

The recipient would normally be expected to attend the ASM Conference and / or Awards Gala Dinner in person to receive their recognition award. If they cannot attend, the award will be presented on their behalf and provided to them in person at the next event they can attend but will otherwise be confirmed through written notification.


RBMS Life Members

To reflect their significant contribution to the RBMS, the Committee has appointed the following life (honorary) members since our establishment in 1986/87:

  • Ian Rutherfurd (appointed 2016)
  • Sandra Brizga (appointed 2014)
  • Lance Lloyd (appointed 2014)
  • John Senior (appointed 2001)
  • John Tilleard (appointed 1998)
  • Dan Thompson (appointed pre-1996)
  • Colin Turnbull (appointed pre-1996; now deceased)
  • Ron Hodges (appointed pre-1996; now deceased)



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