The RBMS hosted their inaugural webinar on May 7th on the topic of Bushfires and Waterways – the impacts on water quality and yield in forested catchment. It was an exciting opportunity to extend our reach to our member base across the country and have other interested parties join us with over 200 registered participants. This not only highlighted the invaluable use of an online platform to share knowledge on this and other topics, but that this topic in particular was of significance following the recent events with the 2019-20 bushfire season. Speakers included Dr Petter Nyman to discuss post-fire erosion and implications for water quality, Dr Phillip Jordan shared his research on the impacts from bushfires and timber harvesting on water runoff in forested catchments, and to provide a local on ground context we were very grateful to hear from East Gippsland Water’s Rachael Brownstein who delved into the issue of supplying drinking water during and after the bushfires as well as providing insights into the personal challenges of working during an extreme event. We hope this session provided all our participants with a better understanding of the impacts of bushfires on waterways and we will continue to monitor the progress in this field of expertise and aim to provide a follow up session in the future.

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