This collection of 10,000 plus photographs is a rich resource of historical images of Victoria’s waterways. Some years ago the Victorian Government commissioned a project to digitally scan photos from the Rivers and Streams Division of the former State Rivers & Water Supply Commission and its successor bodies. The RBMS has built upon this work to provide online access to these images, using a custom-built search tool provided below.

Special thanks to Environmental Systems Solutions for providing / hosting this resource in kind.

Usage tips

When viewing the photo details, you can

  • Use the left/right arrow keys to move to the next/previous photo in the collection you are exploring
  • Download each image by clicking on the download link above
  • Use your mouse (or touch) scroll to zoom in and move about the image to see more detail
  • Click on keywords down the bottom to change the ‘collection’ of photos your are exploring

Search tips

When searching the photo collection, you can

  • Choose from the catchment, waterway, topic and the photos will be filtered down
  • Provide a simple search phrase to find photos that match the entered term
  • Provide a complex search phrase, to find photos that match all of the entered search terms (separated by spaces)

In all searches, the phrases entered will be matched from the start of the word. For example, searching for ‘yea’ would return results containing the information ‘Yan Yean’, ‘Yea’ and ‘Yearly inspection’.