The RBMS were amongst a diverse range of stakeholders sharing their views at today’s Victorian Environmental Water Matters forum. This, the second such forum held by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH), explored opportunities for maximizing shared benefits of environmental water deliveries.

Armed with feedback canvassed from our members, Jesse Barrett (President) and Mark Stacey (Vice President) represented the RBMS. We heard how environmental water managers have already worked with traditional owners, irrigators, anglers and other local community members to identify and achieve multiple benefits from e-water deliveries.

Importantly, we then explored how these opportunities could be enhanced in future. The passionate and diverse group certainly gave the VEWH a lot to think about and presented a positive outlook for watering in Victoria.

The VEWH are keen to reach out and continue this discussion more broadly. We’d encourage anyone interested in this discussion to contact VEWH at and share your thoughts with us via email or our RBMS Facebook page.

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