Hubert Henry Maudsley Miller OAM
  2.8.1932 – 7.8.2013

  Hubert was a unique, loveable, highly respected ‘legend’ who achieved an enormous amount for river management and integrated/whole of catchment management. He was instrumental in the establishment of Landcare and inter-disciplinary/interagency approaches to managing our land, water and vegetation on a sustainable basis.

I was extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Huey during a period of transition from locally based engineering approaches that focused on the ‘problem’, to integrated approaches that morphed the knowledge, skills and efforts of the various sciences and disciplines with engineering, to address the ‘cause’. Thus producing more comprehensive, catchment based river and catchment health approaches. Hubert was a supporter of the formation of the RBMS – and we know the good work it has done since!

As well as a long history with, and being Chair of the Shire of Seymour River Improvement Trust for many years (and its many successor bodies), Hubert was a Member of:

  • The Standing Committee on River Management
  • State of the Rivers Task force
  • Upper Goulburn Waterways Authority
  • Upper Goulburn Implementation Committee (GBCMA)
  • and I’ve probably missed a lot of others!!

He was also the initiator of the first whole of (sub) catchment strategy – the Mid Goulburn Catchment Strategy – a model that the Minister for Water Supply, Geoff Coleman, used when forming the CMA’s in the late 90’s.

Hubert’s quiet, passionate and subtle contribution, combined with his sharp humour – not to mention his wide reputation – were valued attributes, which he freely made available and imbued in me when I took up the challenge to make a career change from working within government, to engaging and working with the community to implement government policy.

Hubert was right – better educating / engaging and empowering the community to look after our natural resources in a productive, sustainable manner is what we all need to do

Many a fine red and good time were enjoyed in Hubert and Jane’s company.


Author: Russell Wealands*
*Editors note: The Hubert Miller Perpetual Trophy was in fact won by none other than Russell Wealands in 2011!

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