Managing for extremes

The 6th Australian Stream Management Conference was held in Canberra in February 2012. With over 160 delegates, 90 refereed professional papers, six keynote talks, field tours, workshops, conference dinner and awards night, it was a busy three days in Canberra

There had been a bit of a gap since the 5th ASM in Albury, but it was great to see the stream management industry re-engaging with the conference. Some trends emerged in this conference. One was a shift to presentations by consultants and regional agencies on smaller scale restoration projects. The editors of the papers also noted the high quality of the papers, and the increase in hard data that is now appearing. This reflects the maturing stage we are at in the industry and the emergence of several other conferences that overlap with our industry. It was also clear that the scale of aquatic management work is very mixed across Australia, with a strong bias to south-east Australia, and an increasing bias to urban systems.

Conference Proceedings

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