1ASM Proceedings

1 The contribution of channel banks and gully walls to total phosphorus loads in the Murrumbidgee River
Pages 1-6
Peter Wallbrink, Jon Olley, Andrew Murray and Laurie Olive

2 Water turbidity and catchment management within the Murray River system
Pages 7-12
John O’Donnell, Laurie Olive and David Lamb

3 The sources of sediment in the Darling-Barwon Rivers: Some preliminary results
Pages 13-18
Gary Caitcheon, Jon Olley and Andrew Murray

4 Sediment transport in the Fitzroy River during flood events
Pages 19-22
J.N. Kelly and W.T. Wong

5 Using major element chemistry to determine sediment source in the Tarago catchment: Preliminary findings
Pages 23-28
Fiona Dyer, Jon Olley and Andrew Murray

6 Sand-slugs in south east Australian streams: Origins, distribution and management
Pages 29-34
Ian Rutherfurd

7 Sedimentation in the lower Hunter River estuary: Some insights from 137Cs distribution
Pages 35-40
Gavin Doyle

8 Floodplain classification and its relevance to stream management
Pages 41-44
Jacky Croke

9 An optimisation model for the management of alluvial rivers
Pages 45-50
Robert Millar and Michael Quick

10 Hydraulic – geomorphic assessment of the Tumut River
Pages 51-56
John Paul Bucinskas

11 Streambed longitudinal gradient and unit stream power analysis of tributary streams of north east Victoria, Australia
Pages 57-62
Ross Hardie

12 Predicting the limits to gully erosion
Pages 63-68
Bruce Abernethy and Ian Prosser

13 Sustainable sand and gravel extraction
Pages 69-74
Wayne Erskine, Wayne Tennant and John Tilleard

14 An investigation of bed scour in the lower Mitchell River
Pages 75-80
Anthony Ladson, Rex Candy, Geoff Claffey and John Tilleard

15 Downstream increasing flood frequency on Australian floodplains
Pages 81-86
Jacky Woodfull, Ian Rutherfurd and Paul Bishop

16 Hydraulic characteristics of retards
Pages 87-92
Ben Dyer, Andrew Western and Roger Grayson

17 Mechanisms of stream bank erosion: The results of five years of bank profile monitoring – River Murray
Pages 93-98
Judy Frankenberg, Wayne Tennant and John Tilleard

18 Potential for the restoration of aquatic macrophytes in billabongs
Pages 99-104
Ralph Ogden

19 Hydrological impact of water use and regulation in the Barwon-Darling River
Pages 105-110
Neeraj Maini and Hugh Cross

20 The importance of channel complexity for ecosystem processing: an example of the Barwon-Darling River
Pages 111-118
Martin Thoms and Fran Sheldon

21 A schematic history of waterway management in Victoria
Pages 119-124
Patricia Geraghty and Peter Vollebergh

22 No involvement, no commitment, no change! Involving the community in watercourse management
Pages 125-130
Michael Good and Jim Burston

23 The management of stream erosion and sedimentation – An interactive community driven process
Pages 131-136
John Gardiner

24 Riverwise: Educating the community about river management
Pages 137-140
David Outhet

25 Land development and stream management in the Tully and Murray Rivers catchment, north Queensland
Pages 141-148
Robert Lait, Mike Merrin and Bruce Gaydon

26 Management plan for the upper Condamine River and tributaries
Pages 149-156
Bruce Gaydon, Greg Murphy, Lyall Hinrichsen and Andrew Markham

27 The identification, conservation and management of wild rivers in the Kimberley region of Western Australia
Pages 157-162
P.J. Williams, Luke Pen, John Stein, Janet Stein and B. Prince

28 Identifying and redressing the ecological consequences of river regulation in the lower River Murray
Pages 163-170
Anne Jensen

29 Urban creeks: streams or drains? Implications for management
Pages 171-176
Louise Ormerod

30 Channel change, bank stability and management for north Queensland coastal streams
Pages 177-182
Ross Kapitzke, Scott Smithers and John Lowry

31 Management of river and dyke protection Red River delta, Vietnam
Pages 183-188
Eric Lesleighter and Tran Xuan Thai

32 A simple model to illustrate the effects of riparian revegetation on stream values in large catchments
Pages 189-196
Cathy Wilson, Robert Argent, Stuart Bunn, Peter Davies, Roger Grayson, Peter Hairsine and Ian Rutherfurd

33 A review of water flow pathways through the riparian zone
Pages 197-202
Natasha Herron

34 Comparing grass filter strips and near-natural riparian forests for buffering intense hillslope sediment sources
Pages 203-206
Peter Hairsine

35 The hydraulics of shallow overland flow: A comparison between a grass filter strip and a near-natural riparian forest
Pages 207-212
D.H. Mackenzie and Peter Hairsine

36 Vegetation and bank stability in relation to changing channel scale
Pages 213-220
Bruce Abernethy and Ian Rutherfurd

37 Ecological investigations into stream bank stabilisation practices in north Queensland
Pages 221-226
Stephen Skull, Paul Clayton and George Lukacs

38 Preliminary investigation into the management of riparian rainforests in south east Queensland
Pages 227-234
Simon O’Donnell

39 Assessment of river channel stability
Pages 235-240
Robert Millar and Michael Quick

40 A model for funding watercourse fencing on farms
Pages 241-246
Basil Schur

41 Watercourse revegetation – Just a walk in the park!
Pages 247-252
Jim Burston and Wayne Brown

42 Environmental impacts of tidal dredging on the Brisbane River, Queensland
Pages 253-258
Wayne Erskine

43 The impact of European settlement on erosion and sedimentation in the Inman River catchment, South Australia
Pages 259-264
Jim Burston and Michael Good

44 The advent of post European erosion in a valley swamp
Pages 265-270
David Fisher

45 Response of the King and Queen rivers, Tasmania, to dramatic changes in flow and sediment load
Pages 271-276
Helen Locher

46 Historical river metamorphosis of the Cann River, East Gippsland, Victoria
Pages 277-282
Wayne Erskine and Lindsay White

47 Palynology techniques: A useful tool for integrated catchment management
Pages 283-288
Christine Kenyon, Elizabeth Anthony and Ivars Reinfelds

48 The role of non-structural options in the management of laterally unstable streams in north-eastern Queensland
Pages 289-294
Sandra Brizga, M.F. Carden and Neil Craigie

49 On the estimation of benefits of stream management
Pages 295-300
Lindsay White and Neil Sturgess

50 The role of a professional association
Pages 301-306
John Senior

51 Saltwater intrusion, lower Mary River, Northern Territory Australia
Pages 307-312
David Williams

52 Imports can be dangerous – Appropriate approaches to Australian rivers and catchments
Pages 313-319
Robert Wasson, Terrence Donnelly and Andrew Murray

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